If you make a mistake in submitting your bid summary, please review the following questions:

    • The bid summary downloaded from the tool must be signed. In addition to signing the summary generated by the Envelope Digital tool, you must sign the same with the digital certificate of the company representative, so you should check that after downloading you have followed the steps in the manual for signing the PDF .
    • The certificate used for the signature must be recognized by the AOC Validator and pass security level 3. Verify that the signature is correct through this link and if not, sign the summary with a valid certificate .
    • In the event that the summary is uploaded to the tool, the message below appears with the literal “ The summary does not contain the information necessary to be able to submit the offer. … ” , You will have signed the summary of the offer by opening it from the browser itself or any tool that is not enabled for signing the pdf without incorporating modifications to the file. This action causes the document to lose information needed to submit the bid. As the literal says, you will need to open the document with Adobe Reader and sign it.
    • Check that you have signed the last summary generated by the system. If you are unable to locate the summary, it can be re-downloaded from your virtual bidding space.
    • If all of the above is correct, please retry the submission and in the event of an error, contact the appropriate contracting authority to transfer the incident to us, attaching a summary of the offer you have attempted to submit, provided that it is possible