The Digital Envelope tool does not allow retrieval of the bidder's keyword because the bidder is the only one who knows it. As a security guarantee, the tool does not store the key as such, but a cryptographic summary that allows its validation.

For this reason, Sobre Digital validates the keyword defined at different times during the entire bid submission process and provides tools to remember it, such as the copy button on the computer's clipboard or downloading a document with the keys defined for each of the envelopes presented, at the time of closing the offer.

If you can't remember your keyword before the final bid submission , you must delete the keyword from the envelope with the "Delete" button next to the "Keyword" field. Once this action has been confirmed, all the documents in the envelope in question must be re-selected. A new key will then need to be entered.

In case you do not remember the keyword that was defined in the presentation of the offer to the tender, once these have been requested by the contacting body before the opening of the envelopes or by the sending response to response to requirements, you will need to search your computer (in the folder defined for the downloads if it was not located in a specific one), the document that was downloaded from the tool before closing the offer.

In case of response to requests, if it is not possible to locate the txt file for the recovery of the password, contact the contracting authority in order to define an alternative for the submission of the response by electronic means. , as could be the generic instance of the Electronic Headquarters of the entity.