If less than 24 hours are left before the bid submission deadline, you can use the 24-hour resource.

This means that you can send the abstract and therefore submit the offer, even if you have not been able to send all the documents that are part of it. In the presentation phase, you must indicate the files you want to send with the offer, without clicking the "Encrypt and save" button. You can close and submit the bid to meet the submission deadline. Once the submission has been made with the files listed but not uploaded, you will have 24 hours to submit files from your virtual bid preparation space . The document sent in this second part must be the same as the one selected to present the abstract without any alteration . If you do not make this second part of the shipment, the body will not have your tender documentation and will not be able to open your envelopes.

This option is activated 24 hours before the end of the bidding period.